Fresh Impressions and Courtney Antipas part ways

In 2011 Fresh Impressions went on a missions trip to Zimbabwe and this is the first time we beheld the talent that is Courtney Antipas. We were further blown away by his heart & wisdom that he wears so humbly. A few months later we succeeded in signing him to our label and he became a vital part of our family. We worked as a united front always and with Fresh Impressions’ reach & footprint in all of Africa we were able, by God’s grace, to contribute in building a brand that is Courtney Antipas, through good and sometimes testing times.


party ways


A week ago, a conversation with Courtney led to a mutual understanding that his season with the us has come to an end. We understand that he is led to explore different avenues as an artist and taking a more permanent role in his church. We therefore release our brother Courtney Antipas with an open heart and pray all the best over him and we will continue to trust God for him for significant growth and continuous impact with whatever new goals God is calling him to.

In all the travels, all the stages and the success, Fresh Impressions has always had a passion to bring to people the experience of the heartbeat of God through any music or events we hosted. This is the vision we will always carry & Courtney quickly understood it & this was constantly apparent during his time with us at Fresh Impressions.

We are so proud of you Mr. Antipas & we pray that as you mount up with wings as an eagle, you continue to carry forward our holistic mission we have been on, even in this journey with you for the past five years, with the spirit of love, on and off stages in South Africa, the rest of Africa & beyond.




Thank you to everyone who has supported and hosted us from West, East and Southern Africa. Fresh Impressions still needs your ultimate support for us to carry out the vision which was mandated to us years ago. Soli Deo Gloria Fresh Impressions


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